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Our advanced Absentee Owner program shows you how to become a "hands-free" owner by having more income without working more hours. 
This program is the perfect exit strategy for hard-working doctors.

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Howard Schultz, Founder of Starbucks, said:

"We at Starbucks have been trying to create an industry that did not exist... One real anomaly is that we have spent very little on advertising."

Google’s marketing phenomenon, as reported by Associated Press: 

"Google is one of the most lucrative ad-selling companies in the world, yet rarely indulges in buying ads for itself."

"The Fall of Advertising" Written by Al Ries stated:

" astonishing number of brands, including Palm, Starbucks, the Body Shop, Wal-Mart, Red Bull and Zara have been built with virtually no advertising..."

CNN on the Success of Red Bull:

"...Red Bull spends relatively little on traditional print and TV advertising.. the company's nontraditional marketing has paid off...”


Dental Marketing and Healthcare Marketing the Elegant and Cost-Effective Way:

"Part of keeping America strong is providing Americans with the very best possible medical services. But without a positive bottom line, doctors simply can’t provide the quality care that their patients need. Over the years, many doctors have used traditional advertising to help build a profitable practice. Statistics, however, show that is not the way to build trust and a successful practice."

"... [Un-Advertising] is helping doctors
all over the country today."

Doug Llewelyn [The People’s Court]


Dental Marketing and Healthcare Marketing Without Using Advertising
What is Un-Advertising?

   Un-Advertising is an elegant healthcare and dental marketing system whereby "other people" will market for you consistently and continuously instead of you having to market (toot your own horn) yourself.

   This elegant and soft marketing approach will increase trust, recognition and best of all, positive word-of-mouth and referrals from people who are not even your patients yet!

Not only is Un-Advertising one of the least expensive comprehensive medical and dental marketing strategies available, it also costs the least to implement.

This is very important to realize - as with other medical and dental practice management consultants you will pay as much or more as with us, but will be asked to spend a horrendous amount of advertising money to make it all happen. In a sluggish economy, advertising alone has very little workability - no matter how expensive.


Why Do I Need Un-Advertising for Medical and Dental Marketing?
Why Can't I Use Traditional Advertising?

7 major roadblocks that you need to overcome
in traditional advertising:

A) When you advertise your services, your message will not be outstandingly different from your competitors who are also advertising the benefits of their services. Patients cannot choose easily among services that "look alike."
B) You are tooting your own horn. People do not 100% believe your ad. Your prospects already expect you to say, "We have new technology" or "We are experienced," etc.
C) Ads have little longevity. The minute you stop advertising, no one will remember you.
D) Your prospects are bombarded by 500 advertising appeals a day. Your message gets lost in an overcrowded marketing environment.
E) Depending only on internal marketing alone has not made any business owner exceptional great wealth. You are not the only doctor whom your patients can refer or go to.    
F) Networking meetings and luncheons to stimulate patient referrals from other doctors and related businesses are simply too time-consuming. You can send your staff to bring donuts to another doctor’s office to thank them for referrals, but how many ‘donut’ trips can you make to ALL of your possible referral sources? This time-consuming and costly "gift-giving" will eventually be a dead-end for your efforts.
G) Currently, it is costing more to advertise and the returns are going down.

How Can Un-Advertising Help Me to Get Healthcare or Dental New Patients?
  • UN-Advertising used in medical and dental marketing makes you unforgettable in the public’s eye.
  • It gets you FREE publicity.
  • It increases the doctors' referrals without you leaving your office.
  • You stand out from your competition.
  • Your patient base is of a higher quality.
  • It is a lot cheaper than traditional healthcare or dental advertising.
  • It provides a system of medical or dental marketing strategies, and other people will toot the horn for you.
  • You get so much business that you no longer need to be a  "solo" practitioner handcuffed to your office.

Doctors across the countries have used Un-Advertising to make huge differences in their profits.

Solo practitioner revitalized a stagnant business by using dental internet marketing and tripled his new patients after only 4 months of Un-Advertising.

Medical Doctor constantly had no time and yet business was hitting bottom. After 6 months of using "Un-Advertising," his production DOUBLED and he hired more help and now could breathe!

Podiatrist is frustrated with the ups and downs in his new patient numbers. After using the "Un-Advertising" marketing system, monthly new patient numbers doubled from 42 to 84 within 6 months.

Besieged with a lack of competent staff, dentist struggled with going above his average collection. After starting the Un-Advertising dental marketing program, new staff were trained correctly and production improved. Monthly collection tripled in 14 months!


Watch the video on how a doctor "Un-Advertise" and receive
100-150 new patients calls in one day.

Watch the video on how a dentist gets patients without advertising.


If you could DOUBLE your new patients or DOUBLE your production in the next 6-12 months, how much would this knowledge be worth to you?

Answer: Priceless

It is priceless because if you know how to DOUBLE your production and new patients in the next 6-12 months, you will know how to TRIPLE and QUADRUPLE everything, using the same medical and dental marketing strategies, and your business will continue to grow as your heart desires!  

Here are the 7 Un-Advertising strategies to DOUBLE your practice and DOUBLE your income:

Strategy 1: Receive FREE exposure constantly in the media without spending a dime in healthcare or dental advertising

  • People simply believe in news more so than in advertising!
  • Learn how to get your practice featured FOR FREE on TV, radio and in newspapers as positive news.
  • You will get about 6-20 free press exposures a year - without spending money in advertising.
  • High-quality patients will knock on your door instead of you looking for them.
  • You will attract higher quality employees to work for you as your business becomes more well-known.
  • You look more 'elegant' to your public as the media is tooting the horn about you, not you trying to toot your own horn.

When the media endorses you, it is the best and most-believed "advertising."
- Helmut G. Flasch, CEO, Doctor Relations, Inc.

Strategy 2: Get patient referrals from other doctors - socially and clinically - without you or your staff ever needing to leave the office.

  • Learn how to get social and casual referrals from doctors who might not even be connected to you clinically.
  • A dentist can receive patients from a medical doctor and vice versa! How many doctors of other professions are in your area? If you spend no advertising money with your dental marketing plan, and yet get ONE patient referral from each one of the doctors, how much ROI is that for you?
  • If you are a specialist, this program will increase patient referrals from other doctors in your area without you even asking for referrals! How many more doctors would you like to have in your referring network? Un-Advertising accomplishes deep connections with other doctors without you having to leave your practice.
  • This program will also attract the health care professionals from other fields to become your patients. Would you like to become the doctor of other health care professionals? This strategy will show you how!

"Most people have great connections but they do not know how to harness them."
Jeffery Gitomer, Sales Guru and NY Times Best-Selling Author

Strategy 3: Get business owners to become your patients and also refer their staff, friends and customers

  • Most doctors market directly to consumer households but they forget another high quality source of patients – small business in the area.
  • Regardless of whether you are a specialist or general practitioner, attract business owners in your area, their staff and/or their customers to become your patients by utilizing Un-Advertising's strategy of medical and dental practice marketing.
  • Learn how to receive patient referrals from small and large businesses around you – without spending advertising money.
  • Our program will show you that you can make valuable business connections with CEO’s and small business owners without ever leaving your office.

"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea."
Napoleon Hill, American Author of "Think and Grow Rich"

Strategy 4: Get FREE 3rd-party endorsements from community leaders.

Community leaders, such as fire chiefs, police chiefs, Red Cross chiefs, mayors, City Council members, church leaders, school principals and teachers, etc., have increased influence in the community.

  • Learn how to get local community leaders to speak well about your practice to members of the public that they meet. 
  • You do not have to leave your office nor participate in any political events, religious meetings or educational "sponsorship" to get this support.
  • Getting referrals from highly respected public servants is probably the most elegant way of getting quality patients.

"Other people saying good things about you is more powerful than you saying good things about yourself." -Unknown

Strategy 5: Drastically increase patient referrals without ever asking for a referral.

  • How to have existing patients return with frequency.
  • How to make a patient refer other new patients to you – without you asking directly.
  • How to elegantly up-sell or deliver more services that a patient could benefit from by using strategic dental marketing.
  • Certain diagnostics and tests are necessary for patients, and reimbursements are excellent for the doctors. Find out how you could incorporate these into your practice through our Health and Wealth Through Diagnostics program.

"In marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss - and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last."
- John Romero, American inventor

Strategy 6: How to use effective mass marketing strategies that are inexpensive and will bring you high ROI.

  • If you MUST advertise, we will show you how do you do it effectively without spending an arm and a leg
  • Which type of healthcare and dental marketing is most suitable for doctors? Use the right ones to improve your profits.
  • Learn how even inexpensive advertising can attract higher quality patients.
  • Find out why advertising alone has little chance of a good ROI, what's needed to make advertising working.

Strategy 7: Teamwork and alignment of your staff that bring more profits in the office.

  • Are staff meetings necessary? Why do some of the staff meetings not result in more production and are just a waste of time?
  • How to motivate your staff when you are not even motivated yourself.
  • Learn how to groom your staff to be responsible and effective
  • We give you an accurate staff evaluation tool to screen "WHO" should work for you in the first place. Some people might be meticulous and leave no crumbs on the table, and they are needed for many tasks, such as accounting, programming, etc., but is that person good as a sales person or an office manager? 
  • This tool will show you why some tasks are not to your liking and why others are pleasing to you. The tool will show you how to (a) concentrate and get even more benefits from the tasks you like and (b) free yourself from the task you do not care so much about or improve on it by sheer knowing what is going on. 

 "Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall."
-Stephen R. Covey, Best-selling author

Bonus Strategy #1:

Using the Modern Healthcare and Dental Internet Marketing Strategy
to Appear on Google's 1st Page with 2-3 Spots

(Without using advertising and without Search Engine Optimization For Your Site)

Watch the video below for further explanations.

Get New Internet Patients Without Spending Time at the Computer

Optional Strategy:

***Become an author - not just an author - but a BEST-SELLING author

  • Authors are the most influential people in the world.
  • A book is believed, believed, believed....
  • Authors get invited to any and all radio shows, TV shows and all reporters want to write about and quote an author.
  • The media, the community leaders, the medical field and the patients will regard you as the undisputed EXPERT in your field.
  • You will be able to promote your business in your specific field of expertise and even other areas - simply because you are an author - and a best-selling author at that.
  • You will get more requests for seminar speeches from professional and social organizations (if you want) than you will be able to do.
  • Your name will live on as a celebrity for your grandchildren to hear about it and be able to brag about it - and that's the way it is.
In short - you will get the largest number of best paying patients from any of your competition by a long shot. A book gives you nothing less but a home run or a landslide win - nothing less!

 "Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posperity of those who are yet unborn."
Joseph Addison (May 1, 1672 - June 17, 1719), English essayist and poet


Your Book is the Best Brochure

Go to to find more information about the book!

Becoming a Best-Selling Author Is Like Winning the Olympics

(And like winning the Olympics,
it is only the beginning of great recognition and financial success.)

(***Note: The Best Selling Author program is currently sold out. If you are interested to be put on a waiting list, speak to our consultants at 800-625-2002. )

Doctor Relations, Inc. will do about 85% of all the work using UN-Advertising's methods of medical and dental practice marketing while showing you and your staff how to do it by watching us. You, the Doc, literally lift no finger, but still get the benefits of having a system which can easily be managed by your staff after it is all set up.

Healthcare and Dental Marketing Un-Advertising Strategy Gives You A Turn-key
Marketing System

  • McDonald's, Microsoft, Starbucks and many large successful companies do not necessarily have a better product.
  • But one thing that they have that most small business owners do not have is this: a business system.
  • Successful companies do not allow their marketing efforts to be dependable on the mood or personal time of the business owner.
  • Their methods, whether they are advertising coffee, auto repair or dental marketing, carry out the required marketing like clockwork.
  • As a business owner, you no longer need to hop from marketing ideas to marketing ideas, get rollercoaster results and, only in the end, conclude that "marketing does not work anymore."

The positive work of Un-Advertising
has been featured in the following entities and many more across the country:

What Do Doctors Say About "Un-Advertising"?

Dr. V. M. R. DC California

"I have invested thousands of dollar in practice management consultants without getting significant improvement. From the time Doctor Relations started to help me, my statistics doubled up in new patients in the first month and tripled in three months."



Dr. R. H. DDS Washington DC

"I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given our office.  You have been so dedicated and generous with your time and energy.  After just two meetings listening to the tapes about how to communicate with patients, our staff has excelled so much that our production has jumped by 25%." 

"Your service more than pays for itself. Thank you for everything!"


Dr. K. S. DDS California

"I have tripled my practices. In the past year and a half, I have not practiced dentistry myself because there's no need to practice!"


Dr. S. K. DDS New York

"We held the event at the office.  It went very well.  The event was a success and we managed to get EVERY news station in [city] to attend.  It was broadcast that night on all news stations."

Dr. R. N. DDS California

"In just 2 years since you started helping us with your philosophy my practice has dramatically improved.  Again in just 2 years I went from seeing an average of 12 new patients a month to seeing 125 new patients a month, from just one doctor to six doctors in my office."

Dr. S. S. MD Alabama

"My patients more than doubled within 5 months and production doubled in 6 months. The amazing thing is we have barely done what you told us to do. Just your patient referral program alone accounts for 1/3 of the new patients increase. And I did not spend any advertising money to get so much more referrals!"

Dr. T. P. DDS Utah
Fox News contacted me and I went on TV to talk about this event and about my practice. People lined up at 4am outside my practice on the day of the event. I serviced 37 people on this day.


 Dr. J. H. MS, PT, DC, California
"I have learnt many things from Doctor Relations so far but one of the most unusual and valuable thing has been learning how to create my own news coverage. I know this skill will continue to help me throughout my career."
"I don’t know of any other management consulting company that teaches health professionals how to get their own news coverage."

Below: Doctors Using Un-Advertising Strategy Making an Impact in Their Community

You can make a difference for yourself just as you have constantly strived to make a difference for a patient.

In life, we do not get what we deserve. But what we demand for.

Speak to us about your practice situation and we will MATCH-MAKE you with the best business, medical or dental marketing option according to your circumstances.

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